there was a dangerous and powerful treasure. So powerful in fact, that it was said to be capable of saving a loved ones life, yet so dangerous it had to be hidden in a place where no man would reach it.


As Centuries passed the legend of this artifact became a myth and only an old map pointing to the artifacts location remained. Finally all knowledge of the treasure and map seemed lost...


This is the story of Captain Corrado and his young daughter named Miley who against all odds retrieved this very map of legend and are anchored close to the island that was once supposed to house the mysterious treasure.Both of them are in the midst of leaving their ship the ‘Floating Unicorn’ to set foot on the seemingly deserted island, unaware of the dangers and trials ahead...

Once upon a time, Gameplay Welcome mate!

Captain Corrado


Experienced treasure hunter, captain of the ‘Floating Unicorn’ and proud father of Miley.

Corrado would sail to the end of the earth for his daughter and tries to keep any harm from her. As Miley recently became more interested in the pirate life, he tries everything in his power to convince her to pursue another career, ‘maybe something with fluffy animals or clothes’.

He is a very talented sword fighter and eager to prove this at any given opportunity. Amusingly, the instant he tries to draw his sword Miley often already solved the problem ahead.

Miley Corrado


Corrados youngest and only daughter who might seems a little off upon first sight, but is actually pretty smart, very brave and has a big heart. Where her father tries to get his way with the sword, she often takes a quite different route.

As she seems to be completely unaware of the dangers lurking in the shadows of the island and tries to wander around on her own, Corrado and Gabbi are constantly forced to keep their eyes on her.

Since Miley spend most of her life on deck, she is very excited to finally find a very unique friend like Gabbi to play around with.



A cursed skeleton discovered and freed by Miley at the early beginning of the journey.

Gabbi instantly joins up with the group and henceforth helps out when it comes to fighting of foes and handing out tips for solving puzzles. That is, until Miley & Corrado run out of bones to pay him. Luckily, those are scattered all over the island.

Also he seems to have a particular interest in one of Mileys personal belongings.

She on the other hand is constantly referring to him as ‘lovely’ and ‘cute’, much to the disgust of her father who finds it suspicious that Gabbi claims to have forgot almost everything from his previous life.


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 ios, android, playstation mobile

Key Features:

•The Adventures of Captain Corrado Puzzle-‘Action’- Adventure Pirate/Fantasy

• A whole Island to explore

• Dozens of unique Puzzles/Mini-Games

• Exciting Action-Battle-Sequences

• Single-Player






Japanese, English, German


in development...

..."funny and lighthearted"

Explore dozens of unique island locations featuring a variety of animated objects and characters to interact with.

Enjoy beautiful parallax effects making your

exploration of the island memorable

and fully immersive

Solve innovative and diverse mini games reaching from

games targeting your reaction and memorization skills

up to demanding brain-twisting puzzles.

Retrieve lost artifacts and hidden treasures to fill up

your pockets.

Defeat a range of formidable foes blocking your way to reveal and master the islands secrets. React quickly to the

shown Quick-Time-Events and victory will be yours!

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